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3 things you need in place BEFORE you run Ads

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You’ve been eyeing those Facebook Ads and think it might be just the thing to take your business to the next level, but you’re hesitant to put your money where your mouth is. I get that! Before you start shelling out the big bucks, make sure you have these 3 things in place to not only get the best return on your ad spend, but also to make sure that those new eyes make their way all the way from ‘interested’ to paying client.

1. A goal

Running Facebook Ads can be a total money suck IF you don’t have an end goal in mind. If you think, ‘oh I’m just going to get my product in front of new customers’ but you don’t know what action you want those new eyes to take then it’s going to make it hard to not only know if the ad was successful but it’s also going to be difficult for you to take advantage of all the new eyes that DID see your ad.  It’s like deciding you’re going to cook Julia Child’s most complex meal without a recipe. You might get lucky and it be edible, but I guarantee it would have been delicious if you’d had the recipe to follow. I don’t recommend this.

Instead, design a funnel/map that will take your new eyes and warm them up to your brand/product over a series of interactions. Those interactions can be a wide array of things from organic social media posts to email marketing to a series of ads that specifically target and direct them down a path of action.

Below is an example of an ad strategy for first gathering momentum with your warm audience (those that are familiar with your brand/product) then using that same ad to gather clients from a cold audience (those that aren’t familiar with your brand/product).
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising, Digital Marketing, Customer Funnels

2. A solid understanding of your ideal client

This is a mistake I see made often, someone will have an awesome ad, amazing photos, a killer landing page and the whole strategy mapped out but use the wrong targeting in their ad and the whole thing flops. It is imperative that you know exactly who your ideal client is and have a plan of how to reach them. For example, if you are a local chiropractor business that specialized in pregnancy and new moms then you want to make sure that not only are you targeting your local area but also that you narrow it down by gender, age, life events (new parents), and test out some other targeting like pages that new moms might be interested in (la leche league, formula brands, the bump magazine, Parents magazine, and other baby brands like Carter, Gerber, Huggies, Luvs, The Honest Company, Burts Bees, etc.). It would be worth also narrowing down by people that are more likely to invest in chiropractic care so maybe women interested in other activities like yoga, essential oils, accupuncture, massage, naturopathic care, etc.

3. A way to follow up with your new prospects

Finally, make sure that once the customer takes the desired action on your ad that you have a plan in place for pushing them through the rest of your funnel/map. This can be through an email marketing sequence, additional ads, organic postings, or any other array of contact. It takes an average of 7 times for someone to work their way through the Like, Know, Trust stages of awareness and get to the point of trusting you/your brand with their patronage. Make sure that your methods are consistent and that you don’t leave your new prospective clients hanging after a single interaction.

bizbabeco founder Ashley Sue Braswell, Facebook Ads Strategist for Small Business Owners, Creative Women EntrepreneursAshley Sue is a Digital Marketing Strategist specializing in integrating Facebook and Instagram Advertising as part of an overall marketing funnel. She believes in using our digital footprint to empower women in business so that our sisters, daughters, and friends will never wonder if they can do what we are doing today.

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