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The Pixie Dust Pixel (and why it’s pretty much magic ✨)



The magic of the Facebook Pixel, what it is and why you need it header image

Ohhhh yaaassss. The Facebook Pixel and all it’s magical pixel properties. Let’s do this.

Facebook Ads for Creatives blog post with man throwing glitter in the air

The Facebook Pixel is a small string of code that you copy and paste into your website. This code allows Facebook to track your website visitors back to Facebook where you can them serve them up some seriously customized ads. You can also use it to track the people who click to your website from Facebook to see what actions they take on your ads. Say whaaaaat?!

Let’s break it down on what you can do with this magic sauce.

  • Show ads to people who put items in their cart but didn’t purchase. (an example ad might read, ‘oh hey, we saw you checking this out insert item they were looking at but didn’t hit purchase how about some free shipping to sweeten the deal? Use Code YOUROCK’)
  • Show ads to people who went to your contact page but didn’t submit the form (they’re obvs interested but may have got distracted, send them a customized ad to remind them you’re still there! And maybe throw in a little marketing tactic like scarcity to push them towards taking an action)
  • Upsell your already buying customers with a new item, or a sale, or an email sign up!
  • Have you had a particularly awesome blog post lately? One that your ideal clients just keep coming back to? Awesome. Target the readers of that specific blog post with something else relatable (i.e. a popular blog on how to brand your website, would go awesome with a follow-up ad on your $37 branding bundle special)

What about tracking actions your Facebook Ads peeps take once they get to your site?
Yeesss I thought you’d never ask.

When you’re setting up your ad you can actually set it up for conversions which means Facebook uses it’s magical Algorithm to find people in your selected audience that are more likely to take the action you select whether that’s a purchase, signing up for an opt-in, visiting a certain page, or whatever your big ol’ brain can think up! Facebook has a few premade for you like purchases, etc. but I really like making custom conversions like contact page submissions (especially beneficial for wedding pros and other service providers).

This has the added benefit of making it easy to see how much money you spent to get your customer to that action. Then, you can decide if the value of your customer taking that action outweighs the cost it took to get them there. For example, for a wedding photographer booking a $4000 collection, if it costs them $20 per contact page submission and they book 30% of all submissions then I’d say that yes a $60 cost per sale on a $4000 sale is waaaay worth it. You’ve just got to run the numbers to make sure it’s worth it for you.

mind blown on facebook ads for creatives and the facebook pixel

So, how do you get to the pixel?

  1. Log into your Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. In the search bar type ‘Pixel’
  3. Follow the steps to create your pixel if you’ve never done so before, or if you’ve got one then click on the bolded words “Your brand’s Pixel” 
  4. Click ‘Set Up’ and select ‘Install Pixel’ in the dropdown menu.
    how to install the facebook pixel
  5. Select ‘Manually Install Pixel Code Yourself’
    graphics for how to install the facebook pixel
  6. Follow the instructions to copy the code provided.
  7. Install the code onto your website (there are lots of how-to’s on how to do this for each specific web provider so a quick google search should help!)
  8. Go back to Facebook and select ‘send test traffic’ to make sure your pixel has been installed properly (note: it can take up to 20 minutes for the code to start collecting data so if you don’t see it right away give it some time and come back to check again)
    sending test traffic for facebook pixel

And that’s it! Now you’re ready to use that Pixel to your advantage!

tada gif

*note that the pixel cannot backtrack data so if you’re trying to collect website visitors it will only work from the time it’s installed moving forward.

I hope this was helpful and that you’re feeling confident to take on the Facebook Pixel and all it’s glory! If you’re looking for more go check out Stop! Don’t Boost that Post! for info on how to promote your posts without wasting money in the boost feature.

Until next time, see ya in Facebook-land! …and remember, you are worth more than the number of your followers or the success of your business. I believe in you!

xoxo Ashley

The Facebook Pixel, what it is and why you need it


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